Vacation Has Started!!

Yesterday evening I made it back to my childhood home in West Virginia, and my heart could not be happier.  There’s just something about coming home that just makes everything better.  I’m so thankful because my husband got to come with me this time as well, it doesn’t always happen that way because of his work schedule.

Last night we ate a delicious dinner with my parents, and it was nice to catch up with them the rest of the evening.  We gave them, their Christmas present and it was so nice, they LOVED it!!  So this whole week will be filled with giving my family their presents, and spending time with them.

Currently, I’m sitting on my bed, going through everyone’s youtube videos and catching up with what I’ve missed.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve just been awful at support through watching,  It breaks my heart, because I go on and on about how important support is, but I’m failing at my own pep talk.

I brought my dog & cat with me as I usually do, and my sweet Indy kitty is laying on the foot of my bed right now and he’s such a precious thing.  I think he’s happy to be back home too.  My mom has 2 kitties, so they play with each other, and it’s adorable.

I’m going to lunch soon with my cousin & hubby.  I’m driving up to WVU’s campus, which isn’t far from where I live.  It’s the first day of the spring semester, so I’m not quite sure what is going through my head right now, lol!  The traffic is just going to be crazy, with everyone there!  Luckily, I’m just picking her up, and then we are going to Chick-Fil-A!!  The best food ever created!!!!  I cannot wait!! 😉

It’s really just nice to sit and relax and not have to go anywhere or do anything.  I guess that’s why I just associate going back home, with going on ‘vacation’.

Well there’s just a super small blog for you!  I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about, but just wanted to say hello!

Hope you are having a great day!!

Thanks for reading!
~xoxo Seneca

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Here’s to 2019

Hello friends!!!  Happy New Year!!!  2019 is here!! 🙂

2018 went by so quickly!  2018 was the year I got married, the year I thought would go by so slowly is already over.  It was seriously the best year of my life!!  I loved every part of it, and I literally cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store.

I have some SUPER exciting things coming up this year that I can’t wait to tell you about.  However, you’ll have to wait a little longer to find, because they are still in the works.  So stay tuned to my blog, twitter, youtube channel, or heck, even instagram!!   I’ll link them all down below at the end.

I’m not really one to make big New Years resolutions, but this year I just have a few things I really want to try to stick too.

  • Routines…this is something that I have really not done in so long.  Some may think, well that just sounds like getting yourself into a rut by doing a routine, but I think otherwise. Lately, even before the first of the year, I’ve been starting a nighttime routine that has really helped me just relax and wind down better than before.  If I only work until 5:30, then I add a few things to my routine, but it’s been really good.  I feel this will be a whole blog post of itself, and I’ll get to that. 🙂
  • Planning/Organization…I’ve always been a big planner but sometimes you just need a little motivation on getting things done better.  I always have had a planner ever since college, heck high school even, but I need to look at it more often than I am.  I like to write down when bills are due, and important pay days on it.  Sometimes I’m looking at my planner at the last minute, when I really need to buckle down and focus more.  I would always like to organize my house better, get more containers, bins etc, things like that to put everything in its place and not still look like we just moved in.  There are some rooms that we use as a catch all, which most people do, but this is the year we officially look settled in and like we’ve been there for years.
  • Cooking dinner more…cooking is something that I love to do, I’ve always loved it, but work recently has just worn me down to almost nothing once I get home and I hate that.  Part of my routine I mentioned earlier was cooking dinner and it’s been going well so far.  But like anything, we always tend to fall off our goals once January ends, so I want to change that.  Not only will that get dinner for us. a healthier one than just a frozen pizza more often than not, but that also means I won’t have to buy Subway constantly for lunch the next day at work.  It’s not the best on the pocketbook, but luckily it’s more on the healthier side.
  • Read my Bible & find a devotional to do each day/week…Although I do try to have quiet time each week, even if it’s just in prayer, I really need to dive in and read my Bible so much more than I do.  We just started 2 Peter in church last week, but unfortunately because of my job, I’ll probably have to miss like the 3 or 4 Sunday’s.  I’m sad because it really sounded like an amazing series, so I’m going to just read it on my own, that way I can still focus in on what the church is learning at the moment.  There’s also a specific devotional I’m searching for, but I’ll focus in on that later.

Those are just a few things I’m focusing on for the year.  I know I’m going to fail, it’s just part of life.  However, I’m really going to give it my all and try hard to get in the routine of all of this and hope it sticks!!

What are some of your New Years resolutions or goals for 2019??  Please share!!

Thanks for reading!!
~xoxo Seneca

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My Favorite Fitness Resources! Blogtober Day 25

Hey all!!  I’ve been so excited about this post because I recently got my new fitbit, and I’m all about it!!  I’m not amazing at working out, I really don’t do it, ever?  Occasionally, I’ll go for a run, or walk the dog around but I don’t like to go out by myself for safety reasons.  So the fit bit really helps motivate me at work to be more active.  Now I work retail, so I’m always moving, but it’s neat to see how many steps I actually take.

I purchased the Fit Bit Versa in rose gold.


There are a lot of perks to the Versa.  It’s basically an apple watch, or I feel that’s what they designed it after.  It tells me who is calling, shows me text messages, reminds me of events I have on my calender, shows voicemails.  You just can’t actually talk through it, like an apple watch.  It’s all touch screen as well, which is neat!

I’ve had a fit bit before, I had the charge HR, but unforunately it broke and I only had it maybe a year?  I don’t remember, it’s been awhile since I had it.  So this one is a major upgrade, and I’m glad I saved up for it.

You download the fitbit app to your phone and it syncs to your fitbit, so you can see your stats through the app as well.  You can also track your water in-take, add what you eat so you can see if youre geting enough calories in a day, also you can track your weight as well.  They actually have a special fitbit scale that you can get too!  I’d like one of those eventually, but they are on the pricey side, sadly.
Also on the app, you can connect with others who have fitbit, and have fun competitions between each other!  I love that part of it, it’s definitely makes me walk faster some days!

So there you have it!  My favorite fitness resource!  Do you have a fitbit?

Thanks for reading!

~xoxo Seneca

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Fall Recipes I Want to Try! Blogtober Day 22

Happy Fall Y’all!! 🙂

Who loves baking and making fall treats???  I’m sure it’s not just me!  So today I’ll be sharing some of the fall recipes I want to try.  Everyone always uses pinterest for recipes, and I’ll be honest, of course I’m one of them.  It’s so easy to just type something in the search bar, and there’s your dinner for the night,  I’m trying to use more of my cookbooks that I have, I have several and I want to use them more.

I’ll be using recipes from the cookbook called The Harvest Table by Gooseberry Patch.


Isn’t it just the cutest fall cookbook you’ve ever seen??  I love gooseberry cookbooks and have quite a few.  So I’ll attach a few pictures of the recipes I am excited to try this fall!

Who doesn’t love a warm soup during the fall??  I love soup year round, but it’s extra cozy when it’s cooler outside!! 


Doesn’t this look amazing??  I am the dip master of our family, so I am pumped to make this one!!  Plus it’s a pizza dip, two yummy things in one!! 


This is so simple, and sounds so delicious!!  This is my pumpkin spice favorite in muffin form!!

This one definietly has a lot of steps, but i’m sure it will taste incredble!!  Apple anything is my favorite, so i’ll probably make this for Thanksgiving!  I’ll probably just leave out the pecan’s.  

What do you think of these?  What’s your favortie type of fall meal, snack or dessert??

Thanks so much for reading!! I’ll update you when I make these!! I can’t wait!!

~xoxo Seneca

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My Favorite Playlists! Blogtober Day 21

Hey y’all!!  I hope this blog finds you well today.  It’s Sunday evening for me as sit and write this.  It’s been an extremely busy weekend for me, this is the first time I’ve been able to sit and relax for a bit.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my favorite playlists!  I use Spotify primarily for my music.     I love how there are just so many options and it’s great to just search and find a song you want, and it’s right there.  I do pay monthly for it, but you definitely don’t have to at all to get the benefit of searching through all their music.  I just like the fact that I can listen my music without needing internet all the time.

Let’s dive in!

Especially when I’m writing to just trying to focus or calm down after a long day, I always listen to my relax playlist.  This playlist features various classical pieces, some Christian music songs, and a few random more country songs that I just happened to throw in there as well.  I highly recommend creating a relaxing playlist together with calming music for those stressful time, or times you just want to take your mind off things and just chill.  I love it!
Here is the link to my playlist: Relax!
When I was planning for my wedding I was always adding songs to my I’m Getting Married playlist.  I played it a few times before the wedding, but it was what I had playing in the background as we got ready.  It was so much fun, and added more of a homey personal feel in the hotel we were getting ready at.  Now every time I listen to it, I’m just even more reminded of the wonderful day my wedding was.  Not that I really need a reminder! hehe!
Here is the link to my playlist: I’m Getting Married!
I’ll end with my typical Sunday jams list.  I always listen to this as I’m getting ready for church in the morning.  I just try to open up my heart for God’s Word, and worship.  This playlist was not created by me, I found it while stumbling across different playlists.  I’m always more old school than others my age, so I love old hymns.  This playlist has several hymns but they have a more modern twist on them which I just love!
Here is the link to the playlist: Hymns for Hipsters

Thanks so much for reading!  Do we share similar tastes in playlists?  I have others, but these are some of my more specific ones I go to most.

~xoxo Seneca

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Dealing with Loss-Kay’s Story. Part 1. Blogober Day 20

Hello readers, how are you today?  I hope this blog finds you well, and you’re enjoying your day.  For today’s post, I am supposed to start or continue a blog series, and since I’ve only been at this for a short time, I have no series.  So let’s start one!!

Now this topic is widely talked about, and there are a lot of posts written on this, and videos out there, but everyone has a different story of why they chose to talk about it.  I’m not sure how many parts there are going to be, or when the next post will even be to be honest, but I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you, and hoping that you gain from them, and it can help you.

I was thinking about this post on the drive to work today, (it’s currently the 18th).  This day 1 year ago, I was at work like usual, and I was opening the store.  I did my normal opening routine and I had to call my friend who worked at the power company to set up the electric for our home we were buying the next day.  It was a quick call, but then as I was counting the drawers for the day, the phone rang.  I was a little annoyed because I was in the middle of my routine, but of course I answered it like normal.  It was my friend who I had just talked to about the electric.  She goes, hey girl, have you not heard? I was like heard what?  She then told me that my coworker, and keyholder, Kay, had passed away!!  I was like, um what?!  My voice instantly cracked and was faint, my heart started beating rapidly, I wasn’t sure what to think…  It was a quick phone call again, but she said she would send me a text in a second to confirm, but she had read something on facebook that was alarming so she called to let me know.  I instantly started freaking out.  I had seen Kay 24 hours before this phone call.  I was going into work, and she was coming out of the coffee shop next door because she wanted to treat herself to a chai to start her day.  She was normal Kay, so sweet and happy.  My friend had texted me back and said that it was true, and Kay had passed away the night before, and if she had any other information she would let me know as soon as possible.
Now I’ll tell you, being the first and only one to know from work is heavy.  I instantly called my coworker, and other key holder, but she didn’t answer.  I tried calling my boss, but she didn’t answer.  I called another coworker, and she didn’t answer.  NO ONE was answering….I was alone and upset.  I was trying to process everything, but I also had a store to run at the same time.  I tried my boss again, still no answer.  I called my parents because I didn’t know what else to do, and I HAD to talk to someone.  They answered, and I just was just spurting out words, and I think it made sense but I can’t remember.  They told me to breathe and go slow, and that they loved me.  During the phone call with them, one of the coworkers I called before was returning my call, so I told my parents I’d call back and switched lines.  I told her, and I was still in shock those words were coming out of my mouth, Kay passed away.  She couldn’t believe it either and we were just on the phone comforting each other.
At this point, I had to open my store.  I didn’t want to at all, I wanted everyone to stay away…how could I hold myself together after this!!  My phone was blowing up, I was trying to tell my boss, but she just wasn’t answering.  Now a few customers were in and out of the store and my mind was anywhere but there with them.  I felt bad but I was keeping it together as much as I could, I still hadn’t cried yet at this point.  Since my boss wasn’t answering the phone, I knew I had to call our district manager to let her know what happened.  I mean, Kay had shifts over the weekend, she was our key holder (manager on duty).  The next day I started my mini vacation because were buying our home, so I still had to run the business in the midst of tragedy.  So I called my DM, and my voice was probably the shakiest it had been during the whole morning.  I remember texting my parents while I was on the phone with her and just telling them how much I loved them.  As soon as I hung up the phone with my district manager, I lost it.  I broke down and the tears started flowing.  It was a relief, but I knew there was so much to do still.  The next thing I knew, my coworker who I was on the phone with earlier walks in the door and she bought me a large sweet tea, bless her soul.  I tell you, having her there with me was such a help, I hated being alone.  Along with my coworker just keeping me company, another coworker came in, clocked in and just started working.  I didn’t ask her to, she just did, and looking back, I’m very thankful for that.  I had to rearrange schedules, cover all of Kay’s shifts, and make sure everything could run as smoothly as possible.  Finally my boss called me back after what seemed like an eternity, I had to say it again, Kay passed away.  It still sucks saying it a year later.

Kay passed away from a sudden heart attack that took her life almost immediately.  She was at home with her husband and all of their grandkids, she loved her entire family more than words can describe.  Her husband was her best friend, and they were head over heels for each other even after all the years they had been together.  Kay lived a beautiful life and would do anything for you.  She actually gave us an old stove and refrigerator that she had lying around her garage because she wasn’t using it anymore.  She was so excited to help us out since we were buying our first home.  I still have the stove and fridge and I’m keeping them until they break down completely.  I know for a fact that Kay is in Heaven today, and even though we miss her here, she wouldn’t come back after being in Heaven.  However, I’m glad she’s there, we will see here again!

I know this may have been hard for some to read, some of you may have left, some of you may of skipped to this ending, but whatever you did, please take this from this post.  Loss is hard, loss is sad, but loss is part of life.  We cannot escape it, but how we handle it is what’s important.  I had to do something I never thought I’d do, but I just had to keep going and press on even through the pain myself and my staff were feeling.  They needed a ring leader, and I had to be that.  What would have happened if I just said, I can’t do this, and left?  What if I didn’t take charge and find the coverage we needed, and let those shifts be missed, or let someone else take care of it days later?  I had to train people that day!  It was the start of Christmas hiring, and we had a lady coming in to learn the ropes of the company.  That’s one of the hard part of loss, doing what we don’t want to do, when we need to do it most.  We are strong individuals, even through the sadness of life.  Loss has many different parts to it, and I want to talk about them with you through this series.  I’m not an expert, but I do have a degree in psychology, I love helping people, so I hope I can help you.

I wish I could say this was the saddest story of loss that I have, but it’s not.  It’s no where close, but this story taught me a lesson the other stories haven’t.  Not every situation is like this, I understand, and of course, Kay’s family reacted different to how I did, but where we are in life, depending on the situation, is how we are impacted it.  We all learn from loss, what will you take away?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around to read the next part of the series.  It will most likely, be in November.

~xoxo Seneca

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Throwback Thursday! Blogtober Day 19!

If only this were yesterday’s post, it would have been more fitting to the day of the week. Oh well, I’m glad it’s Friday!

So I have a few #TBT I wanted to share with you guys!  I hope you’re excited! 🙂
My Best Friend’s Wedding! 

August 5th, 2017 my best friend got married and it was the best day ever, so much fun!!!  These photos were taken right before she walked down the isle.  I will always remember that day, and cherish sharing that moment with her and her hubby.  We had such a good time, and I loved every part of it.  I loved my dress, and the colors that she choose, so beautiful.  My best friend is my rock, and I can’t wait to see her again in a few weeks and get Mexican food like we always do.

Applebutter 2011/2012?

So this photo of my husband and myself, was taken when my family was making apple butter.  Every year my family gets together and makes apple butter the old fashioned way, and it is a blast!!  I think this was the first year that Matt came to it, so it was either 2011 or 2012, but I’m thinking it was 2011??  I love this photo of us so much, I need to get it framed.  I’m eating a bowl of my grandma’s vegetable soup which is delicious and even though I’m in Indiana, there is some in my freezer now.  I didn’t get to go to apple butter this year, but next year you better believe I’ll be there!  Gosh, look at us, we are so little.



Madrigal Dinner 2009

So during high school I was in the Madrigals singing group, and I loved every second of it.  I’m a soprano singer, and even had a mini solo during the closing song!!  This was my senior year of high school, I graduated in 2010, but this was during the Christmas season, so it’s 2009.  So featured in the photo with me, from left to right.  My great grandmother Cowger who is now 97 years old, myself, my great grandmother Louise, who is no longer with us, she passed away in 2014.  She was one month away from 101 years old!  Then my grandmother Peggy on the right, and she was the one who made my madrigal dress actually! I still have my dress, and will cherish it forever.  Man, I miss these times so much, and I’m thankful to still have two of my grandma’s in this picture.



So there you have it, a few throwback Thursday’s from my past!  Did you learn something new about me?  Do you still post a #TBT?  Leave a comment below!!

Thanks for reading!

~xoxo Seneca

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