SURPRISE!!!  WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!! I still cannot believe it!! 🙂  My husband and I are SO incredibly excited and it’s going to be another amazing year for our family!!  Some of you know that last year was the year we got married, and we just celebrated our 9 years of knowing each other-versary.  My husband asked me the other day how many things he has to remember, I told him not to worry about it because I’ll always remind him when big days are coming up. hehe  It is hard to believe that we have known each other for 9 years and now we are having our first baby!


Baby ‘R’ will be here around July 9th!!  I’m 17 weeks right now, and I’m feeling pretty good!  Much better than the first semester, I was pretty sick during the whole month of December.  😦  I honestly didn’t think it was that bad until I looked at my notes on my app and realized, wow, I was sick a lot more than I thought.  I guess I just tried to ignore that part of the pregnancy.  Although I was running for the bathroom a lot, I’m so thankful for this entire experience!  I do not take being pregnant lightly.  I have a HUGE responsibility ahead of me, and I’m thankful everyday that God has blessed us with a child for us to raise up.

Now, don’t get me wrong, being a first time mom is really a lot to process and I’m only 17 weeks into all of this!  I’m not really nervous for childbirth, I’m trying to read a lot and I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos and I think the initial shock of holy crap that’s going to happen to me has worn off awhile ago.  I know that everyone is different and I’ll for sure experience things that I was not prepared for, but I know that I’ll be okay.  I feel anyone who is expecting always wonders if they’ll be a good mom or will they make the right choices for their child, it’s a lot to think about!!  I asked my husband the other day if I would be a good boy mom??  I made a joke about how I’ve only ever been a girl, I don’t know how to do boy things do I?  He laughed and said that I’ll be a great mother no matter what, which was sweet.  He said that it will come naturally and that I’ll know more than I think.

Now I do not know yet what we are having, I won’t know until March 2nd, but everyone, EVERYONE, thinks I’m going to have a boy!!  My best friend & myself had a dream I was having a boy!  My gut feeling has always been I’m having a girl.  People are making me torn for what I think I’m having, hah!  I’ll have days to where I’m like oh yeah I’m having a boy, but then I’ll tell myself no, go with my gut feeling and we will see!!  😉


This was the sonogram from our first visit which was 4 days before Christmas, which was a wonderful gift to us!!  We  loved seeing our little baby and hearing their heart beat, and it was such a strong heart beat!!!  Honestly, it’s such a miracle!!!  We have our next ultrasound on Valentine’s Day, how romantic is that!!  We are so excited to see him or her again and this time it will be more than just 3 or so minutes!!  I’m hoping I don’t accidentally see the gender in the sonogram hehe I want to be surprised!!

We have some names in mind, but I’m going to keep them to myself until we know 100% what we will name them.  My brother called me today and he was ‘helping’ me pick out names, which was him trying to figure out what nickname he’ll give them.  Some of them were so silly and out there, but it was just a cute phone call with him.

I waited until I was 15 weeks to announce it to everyone on social media.  I created an adorable video that is on my youtube channel, and you can watch that here!
I was so overwhelmed with the response to our announcement, I was like shaking when I was at lunch with Matt because it was just so many emotions.  I put together this letter board pic when we shared it on instagram!


I’m excited to document this process and I hope you follow along our pregnancy journey!   This is our first little baby and it’s going to be such an adventure!!  I have several videos coming out on my youtube channel, so definitely head over there and subscribe to stay up to date that way! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!! 🙂
~xoxo Seneca

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