Favorite Apps for my Phone! Blogtober Day 18

I was doing so well with blogtober and then I let the ball drop this week!  I definitely let my streak go long than I thought it would!  Thank you for following along this Blogtober! 🙂

So I’ll come back at a later day and write what Day 17 was supposed to be, so day 18, my favorite apps on my phone.  Let’s face it, we live in a world where we always have our phones on us.  It’s a blessing and a curse, but I am thankful for the technology we have to keep us all connected.

So I’ll start with my #1 favorite app, and it’s a simple one.


I love twitter, everything about it.  Now I know it’s not really like an ‘app app’, it’s a social media platform of course, but I mainly use it on my phone only.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed and I switched over to twitter primarily because facebook got too crowded with a bunch of stuff I didn’t care about.  Twitter has helped me make some of the sweetest friends, and helps grow my youtube channel more than anything else.  The fact that we can retweet on twitter to support each other is the best!  I love it! 🙂  So if you’re not following me on Twitter, hope on over and do so!  @Seneca_Red



Now this app is for a select group, but I love this app and use it daily!  So for those of your trying to start your family or grow your family, I highly recommend Ovia.  It’s a fertility app, that helps you track ovulation, symptoms, BBT, CM, when your period will start, your emotions, and more!  It also gives you tips and tricks for getting pregnant, and how to have a healthy pregnancy.  I’m still sometimes surprised at myself for having this app, but I’m mainly just still in shock that I’m here at this part of my life and starting a family soon.  Highly recommend if you’re wanting a good app to help monitor and keep track of all it takes to start a family!



I love grocery shopping!!  Forget a mall shopping spree, give me a grocery shopping spree!!  Especially at one of these stores.  Now my grocery shopping method starts with Aldi’s but they don’t have an app, if they did, I would have it.   So I recommend these apps because you can download coupons, and freebies and keep up with the deals they are having.  I will say the Meijer app is a little confusing because you have to set up MPerks, and it took me awhile to get that figured out, but once I did, it was so easy, and it’s saved me a lot of money.  Check to see if any store near you has an app, it’s helpful!


Life 360!
life 360

Now this app is a little different, but I like it because it keeps me connect with my family. If you’re not familiar with my blog, I live 7 hours away from my family; they’re in WV and I’m in IN.  So we got this app so we can see where we are at, at any given time.  Some think that’s it’s strange that being a married women, I’m still this connect to my parents, but I am so thankful for this app.  I don’t spy on them constantly, but when they are traveling, I can see how their drive is, or when they come to visit, where they are at on the road.   My mom recently went to Canada and it just made me feel better knowing where she was at.  My parents probably look to see where I’m at more so, but I don’t mind, I’m glad they still care and want to make sure I’m safe.   I told Matt to get this app, but he hasn’t yet, hehe, maybe one day he will get it.



Now I wouldn’t call this a favorite app, but more of a handy app to have on your phone.  This is an that shows you every single store advertisement for the week.  It allows you to see the deals for the products you specifically want, and you can even save specific items as well to look back on.  This is app is helpful for in the moment shopping when you want to find the best deals at the last minute.  I unfortunately don’t get paper adds hardly in the mail, which I miss getting, so this is nice to still be able to see what’s out there.


Thanks so much for reading, do we use any of the same apps?  What are your go to apps?    Let me know in the comments!

See you in the next one!

~xoxo Seneca

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