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Hello all!   How is everyone doing today?  My day has been a little crazy, but honestly, not that bad.  Where I live at in Indiana, we got about 6 inches of snow today!!  It started right around 5am and snowed for almost 12 hours straight.  I drove to work at 8:30 this morning, and there were no roads that were clear!!  I was amazed that not even the roads in town weren’t really treated. I had 2 employees call off/I told them to just stay safe.  I chose to close the store only 2 hours after we had opened.  We had 2 customers the whole time, and not even made $50.  I’m thankful that I work for a company that values our safety more than the profit they didn’t make on a day like today.  I took my time coming home, however, the roads were still covered and the wind started to pick up.  Something I’m not really used to, is the snow drifts that happen here because of the wind and flat lands.  So the roads were starting to drift pretty badly.  My drive is half country roads and the were not the prettiest, but really, none of the roads were the prettiest today!

So once I made it home safe, I make a quick lunch and watched some TV with my husband.  Then we decided it was time to get out there and start shoveling our driveway, it took about 2 hours with both of us shoveling.  It was just so quiet (minus the sound of the shovels) and peaceful with all the snow falling around us.  I have a coworker who constantly complains about the snow, winter, the cold, all of that, and she complains constantly.  It’s the most annoying thing in the world, if you hate winter that much, then move please…. Okay, I’m getting off topic.     I just thought the snow was SO pretty today!  Yeah, driving in the snow, is not my first thing I want to do, and it’s all about safety, hence me closing the store early, but it wasn’t all that bad.

Well that was my morning, after we shoveled snow, I made my husband’s favorite soup, and it was delicious if I do say so myself!  I’m just in bed now and reflecting on what this year is going to bring for me.   There are a few things that I’m SO excited for, and there are a few things that’s I’m just taking one step at a time, and moving past certain obstacles.  I won’t go into to much details really, but I’m finishing something I’ve been putting off for awhile, and working on that at the moment. It’s not hard, it’s just a lot of steps involved that I did not know were a thing until just tonight, so I am at a standstill tonight.  It is what it is.  I’m just going with the flow and not stressing out.

On Tuesday, I have a video coming out on my YouTube channel that I am SO excited for!! It’s seriously going to be one of the biggest videos on my channel to date, second to my wedding video!  I’m just so so excited to share with everyone!! Life is getting so exciting this year, and it’s only the beginning of the year!!  Okay, I told want to say to much, I’ll see you guys on Tuesday!! 🙂

Thanks for reading!!

~xoxo Seneca

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My Favorite Spot in my City. Blogtober Day 11

There are so many pretty spots where I live, so I narrowed it down to two special places I like to be at any chance I get.

First off, I love downtown!  It’s not very big, but it’s a downtown that still has life in it, and some very neat local businesses up and running.  A brand new place just opened up called Board and Brush and it’s basically a paint your own sign shop that you can choose almost any design and create wall decor!  My husband actually agreed that would be a fun date night, which has me over the moon excited for that!  Not only do you get to choose any design you’d like, they have complimentary wine!!  (BONUS!)
We also have a cute clothing store called Elysian & Co.  It’s a little on the pricey side, but if you can catch clearance at the right time, you can find some good deals on cute clothes.  They now are selling Hunter boots, but I still don’t think I’ll be able to pick up a pair yet, if I did though, I’d get olive green for sure!
Probably my favorite shop downtown, is a coffee shop!  It also sells Himalayan salt lamps, and has a salt room in the back that you can go in and relax?  I’m not exactly sure yet what it really is, but one day my goal is to go check that part of the shop out.  They finally have hot apple cider back in season so I was there today, and drank one as I worked on things for my YouTube channel (linked below).


My second favorite spot would be my in-laws house and property.  They own 90 acres and it’s on a dead end road.  I just love visiting them, and spending time on the farm.  It’s just so relaxing to me, and family is for sure the most important part of my life, so spending time with them will always be my favorite.
It’s so peaceful and quiet, and if I’ve had a stressful week, or just feel off my game, I’ll say to my husband let’s go to the farmhouse and we are out the door.  It’s fun to bring our dog with us too, she enjoys visiting as well.
A few months ago, my mother-in-law hurt herself so I felt like I needed to step up and help out as much as I could which she was unable to move around like usual.  I put together a little video of all that which I’ll link here!
She has 3 horses so I especially enjoyed going over and tending to them, she also has about 8 or 9 chickens!


So there you have it, my favorite spots in my town!  Of course, everything is the prettiest right now because the fall leaves are all around downtown and on the farm.  I’m ready to go out and get some decent photos.

Thanks so much for reading!! I appreciate every single one of you!!

~xoxo Seneca

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What you should know before moving to my city! Blogtober day 4.

This post is actually more difficult for me than it would be for most people.  You see, I’ve only lived where I’m at now in Indiana for 3 1/2 years.  I also work 40 hours a week, so I’m still having trouble finding time to explore my city I live in.  However I feel I could list 100 things about my hometown in West Virginia!  So what I want to do is split up my list and do 5 things for W and 5 things for WV.  I hope you don’t mind!

5 things to know about Fairmont, WV!

  1. If you want the best pepperoni roll ever, go to Country Club Bakery!  They are the original pepperoni roll, and nothing can beat them!
  2. Muriales Restaurant is the best Italian restaurant that you will ever dine at!  Trust me, I’ve gone to other places thought the US, but NOTHING compares to Muriales!
  3. One of the most fun things about living in WV is that just taking an average drive through country roads, can show you the most beautiful views where you can see for miles and miles.  You will never be disappointed.
  4. Here’s another restaurant, Colasessano’s Pizza is heaven sent pizza!  We actually had our rehersal dinner there for our wedding.  It’s my favorite pizza place ever!  We have a lot of Italian heritage in my hometown, so Italian food is always amazing.
  5. There’s a big high school rivalry in my hometown.  We have 3 high schools in my county, but 2 are huge rivals!  West side & east side.  I’m a west sider, and obviously we are the best side!!  The last high school football game of the year is the East-West game and it’s the big one.  I think I’m actually going to be in town for it this year, and it’s the first time I’ve been able to go back since I graduated in 2010.  I’m looking forward to it!

fairmont pic

My beautiful hometown.  Fairmont, WV

5 things to know about Warsaw, IN!

  1. There are more Mexican restaurants than actual restaurants it seems like, but I’m not complaining, Mexican food is my all-time favorite!
  2. If you don’t get stopped by a train while driving downtown, you’re one of the lucky ones.
  3. There are 103 lakes in my county overall.   So lots of water sports you can do!  They have boat rentals, canoe rentals, kayak rentals all over the place!  I personally love to paddle board myself!
  4. Every first Friday of every month, there is a little festival downtown that celebrates local business, restaurants and just brings the community together!  They are so fun!
  5. We are the orthopedic capital of the world!  If you need a hip, we got you covered!

warsaw in

My new current home.  Warsaw, IN

As you can see, I know my hometown better than where I live now, but I’m working on it.  I believe a future blogtober post is something else about where you live, so I’m going to dive deeper into discovering my town where I live now.

Thanks so much for reading!  Again, let me know if you’re doing blogtober too in the comments, I’d love to read yours!

~xoxo Seneca

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