Best & Worst Date Stories! Blogtober Day 16

Hello all!!  How are we today?  It’s a very chilly start to the day here, woke up to frost on the ground!  Fall is in full swing, but it almost feels like winter!  I’m not the biggest fan of the cold even though I’m used to it every year.

Today’s post is about my best & worst date stories!  They are about different people, but of course the best story is with my husband!  Let’s start with the worst though, and work our way up to best!


This took place years ago, now that I think about it, it probably happened about 8 or 9 years ago.  I was in high school and dating a guys named Matt at the time (no this is not the Matt I’m with now, completely different person).  Growing up in north-central West Virginia, we are very close to the Pennsylvania line, and there was a place in PA called Fright Farm.  You can probably guess that this is haunted house, but it’s huge!  There are several levels to the house which involved many different scenes and realism of scariness.  I HATE scary things, I’ve maybe only seen 5 scary movies in my life and I hated every single one of them.  I had never been to this fright farm place before even though everyone in our high school and town, goes every year.  I always felt like I was missing out on the fun, but I just hate scary so I never went.  Matt really wanted to take me even though I told him that I didn’t want to go, and I’m just scared of it all.  He kept saying it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s not that scary.  I finally gave in and said I’d go, so off we went, crossing the state line to PA and up to Fright Farm.

So one would think, going with my boyfriend at the time, and it being a date, since we went together that he would pay my way.  NOPE!  He made me pay!!! I paid $19 to be terrified when I didn’t want to go in the first place.  That’s when I knew it was going to just be bad, clearly he didn’t care that I was scared, or maybe he didn’t believe me when I said I was scared??
So we waited in line for what seemed like forever, but finally it was our turn to go into the house.  We stared with a hay ride, which was the best part of it all.  It was just a simple ride on a wagon, yeah, headless horsemen followed us, but it wasn’t bad.  I just focused on the horses.

We arrived at this house, and I was starting to just get really anxious and didn’t like that I was here, I just wanted to go home.  Right before we got into the house, Matt looked back at me and said, “Oh, you’re really scared aren’t you?”.  I was dumbfounded….how was he just now believing me and making it known to him, I didn’t like this? How could we turn back now though?  We were literally walking into the house…  We had to go through what felt like the most small space ever to enter, and then I don’t really remember much of it.  There were a lot of light tricks with strobe lights so that was just trippy for me, not really scary.  It was the year Micheal Jackson died, so they legit had a room where he was lying in a coffin…I’m not even kidding…it was like it was his funeral… Not really scary, just a weird vibe.

That’s really all I remember from that night, I hated it, so I blocked most of it out of my mind and haven’t really thought about it again.  I also have never gone back to fright farm since.

That relationship only lasted a year, when it should have ended way before that.  He was very sarcastic, plus we were in high school, we didn’t know what we wanted, and I was going through the worst time of my life because my best friend was dying at the time, but that’s a blog for another day.


However, next comes the best date I’ve been on!!!! So that’s awesome!!  Plus it’s with my husband, Matt, (no not the Matt from above, a different one).  Two completely different people and I’m just extremely thankful for the Matt I’m with today, my wonderful husband!

Last night as we were going to bed, I asked my husband, what was our best date? For us it’s hard to pin point one specific date, because we did long distance for awhile at the beginning of our relationship, so once we were finally living in the same town, it was just stuff we did, and we didn’t have any specific date dates, just times when we were together at school.  We went to a Christian college so we only had so many places to hang out together, and the computer lab doesn’t make for the best date spot either.

So we talked about it and remember the time where we met up halfway between college and my home in WV.  At this point in time we were still doing long distance, and it was the semester before I started going to school in VA.  It was the week of Thanksgiving break, because Matt was off school, but still had work, and couldn’t come up to be with my family that year.  However he had two days off in a row, so we made plans to meet up in Beckley, WV (which is actually where we met)!

We had so much fun that day, we just ran around the town, and hung out together all day.  That evening, we weren’t sure what we were going to do for dinner, so we googled some places and found a nice restaurant called Pasquale’s which was an Italian place.  Since we were at the mall at the time we decide to go there, we both picked out an outfit for us to where for dinner since it was a little fancier!  It was so much fun, I loved every second of that date!!  We always cherished our time together since it was so few and far between, but even still today, we never take it for granted.

We’ve had countless dates of course, we’ve gone to football games together, we’ve gone hiking together, we’ve done pretty much everything together in the past 8 almost 9 years we’ve been with each other.  My husband is the best thing to happen to me and I love hime so much!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

~xoxo Seneca

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